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this message touching “Peter Hollens France”

"I discovered you via this sublime song Ed sheeran "I see Fire".
Beyond words get the feeling that I got as a magical moment frozen in time.
Your interpretation shook my heart, your face expressing this song was so powerful emotions, I saw my Son shine through you, your smile reminded me writhing his distant face, a subtle blend of strange beauty and depth soul, you are an artist with the voice that touches and strikes the mind, thank you to you for this gift

I am very touched by Peter Hollens because it’s a “amazing soul” and put the light in some lives.
This is my case, you see, my son passed away when the “spiritual” dimension that comes from the voice and how to vibrate the words of Peter is synonymous for me a great art, one of my daughters has this rare quality as that of touching the heart and soul of those who hear it sing.
It’s important to say what is beautiful in this world.
thank you to be my messenger”


Someone sent me this message touching “Peter Hollens France" on facebook.

☢ Koh

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Kisses Hannah Hindi :) <3